About Us


Actually its just one person with a Dream to create a  blogging platform that addresses Information technology.I am  a just s a student who love writing,as an outlet for IT discussions and thought as an IT student and Everything Tech related.Im more of an introvert so Blogging has been an outlet for interactions.

My journey begun with the days of the Floppy Disk the 1.44  and my first taste of IT was when my father let me use his Computer at work occasionally and then a windows 95  laptop that had Windows perfect then.later  i took a class in introduction to Computer in Senior High school and i admit  was bitten and have never looked back since.

Although i am more of a beginner in term of IT  i am very eager and a voracious reader of IT related material and spend countless of hour on the Net….This Blog is only a year old and i tweak every so often During Holidays as i am a full time student as well,Currently a Senior Pursuing  a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

I have also Joined http://gymforgeeks.webs.com/ as a Site Admin so if you cant Find ,me here head over to the Above mentioned Link!!


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