The rate i am getting rejections is crazy this last few mths..Makes me wonder whether i made the right decision as far as Career choice..i have not got a single bite as far as Internship opportunities:I Really really despise the Rejection letters that are so transparent that you can tell it was a cut and Paste Format.

  • After careful review of your credentials, it has been determined that we do not currently have a match for your background and experience.
  • Kelvin, well, I’m very sorry, but the position didn’t come to fruition after all
  • After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we have determined your skills are not the right match and we will not be progressing with your candidacy for this particular position.

I wish we had feedback given to better ourselves in the future,it surprises me that Entry Level Internship opportunities require so much knowledge beforehand that you very well know was never in the curriculum…or wanting  2,3,3,4,5 years experience is crazy for Internship Requirements.

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Summary about my Blog

The link above is a  Short snippet vlog(spelled correctly i hope) on what my blog is: please feel free to go to click on it and Comment above on what you think.


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So far as an Undergraduate


Yeah it happened i have been infected with the Vlog Bug.The Under -Graduate Musings!! a Short how do i say….Vlog!!!! (Video Blog attempt) .Production is very very very very low budget.Taken with my Samsung SG III Phone(She is a beauty). This Video is available at my YouTube page which goes without saying ,by clicking on the Link above.






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Why Obama’s Radical Education Plan Could Finally Disrupt Higher Education

Originally posted on TechCrunch:


For the first time in American history, colleges could be judged on how their graduates perform in the real world and give the private sector a way to compete on a common metric. Later today, President Obama will unveil a new plan to overhaul college ratings, funding requirements and loan repayment, as well as promote innovations in online learning. If the still-vague plan is implemented with teeth, it could lead to a radical overhaul in the educational establishment, since few universities are currently structured to impart job-relevant skills.

Basics Of The Plan

Ostensibly about “college affordability,” Obama’s plan will have four major components (there’s a more thorough summary over at WonkBlog and there’s a copy of the official talking points over at Time):

  • –Overhaul college rankings based on college affordability and graduation outcomes, including loan repayment and changes in tuition. Rankings will take the form of a swanky visual…

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Students starting very soon,then here is some tech that is almost guaranteed to Somewhat Help you make the most out of Your Classes and Possibly, Help you a long way into making you a better Student!!!(of course you have to apply yourself).

Does Doing research Papers Drag you down,Do you find yourself Drifting off in Space During a class?

The Answers to these Questions and many more lie in the Link below.


What IT Blogs are out There for IT Proffessionals????

Well ,according to Biztech magazine they have compiled about 50 of the very best IT blogs to read.

Click on these  link, to Check them out and Give me feedback on what you think.

They are sure to keep you occupied for a while, Don’t forget to like the Blogs and Subscribe to a few as well .


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Just had a chuckle, seeing this, this is so true for many of us. I have been a victim on many occasions.



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Computer Science

information technology:

This was something that bothered me as well, i was in respiratory School for a whole year and tried nursing as well.MY PASSION was Computer Science and i finally bit the Bullet and Enrolled in a 4 Year University.One thing is for sure its not a cake walk journey you have to put in the work.According to The labor Projection up to 2018 Computer Science is expected to Grow Job wise and Networking especially.Best Advice Visit a local College or University and talk to the Dean and find out what the Degree Plans offered.


Originally posted on Oh My Aslan:

Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe I should major in computer science when I go to college next year. Everyone has been telling me that I’m so good with computers. In journalism I’m the “techy” one. My journalism adviser thinks I should do something “techy”. It got me thinking. Maybe it wouldn’t bad to major in computer science. There are a lot of jobs in that industry. The only think I don’t like is that I would probably have to take calculus and I don’t like calculus. But there really isn’t much else to take. There is no way I’m becoming a writer. To be honest, I kind of suck at writing now. With computer science I could get a job at Twitter. I love Twitter. I could get a job at Pixar. I love Pixar. I could do a lot.

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