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Democracy Now !!!

Amy Goodman, award-winning journalist and host...

Amy Goodman, award-winning journalist and host of Democracy Now! addresses the 2010 Chicago Green Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Democracy Now is in Opinion on of the Best Free radio Programs that Seeks the Truth in News.Sometimes Commercial Radio Stations Tend to Distort the News to Fit there Advertisers and True New Reporting is Lost!!!

They have been instrumental in Breaking Ground on issues that American and the world at Large Do not want to talk about.


Amy Goodman & Juan González are The best News Presenting Team as far as radio reporting is Concerned.I Catch the Episodes that are Aired Every Monday to Thursday on TuneIn App that is available in the Pro edition on Android and Apple aka Itunes platform.Also available via Microsoft!!!




I have a Side bar on the Right Hand side of my blog that also will send you to Democracy Now’s Website if you Prefer it that way!!O



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Leaders in information technology

Steve Wozniak

Image representing Bill Gates as depicted in C...

Paul Allen, Airventure 2005

When you  think of Leaders in Information Technology

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...

,who or What come(s) to Mind?

Do we look at IT executives and call then the Leaders of IT as they have Grown companies to Billions of Dollars in Profit,or Do we look at the Innovators who have revolutionized the Industry or the visionaries for their Visions?

For me i am biased towards the Nerds  of IT these include

  1. Bill Gates-Developed BASIC interpreter for first microcomputer with Paul Allen; co-founded Microsoft Corp., again with Allen.
  2. Steve Jobs- Designed Apple II computer with Steve Wozniak; co-founded Apple Computer with Wozniak; led development of Macintosh computer.
  3. H-E Roberts-Developed and marketed the MITS Altair 8800, the world’s first “personal computer.”
  4. Steve Wozniak-Designed and built Apple I computer; co-founded Apple Computer Inc. with Steve Jobs; co-designed Apple II computer with Jobs.

iOS 7: Love it? Hate it? Either way, designers are talking about it

information technology:

hmmmm this IO7 upgrade business is gonna play out really nice,in the next couple of days…Some will hate it and some will fall in love with it….I personally don’t really care much for Iphones or apple products.But in all fairness it was time for an upgrade…..Bold moves sometimes are required,you have to be willing to take a chance and leave medicocore ways and Take a leap of faith…its the only way to improve.


Originally posted on Gigaom:

My only exposure to the new iOS 7 has been through what was presented on stage and through screenshots. I don’t really have and won’t really have an opinion until I have actually played around with it. However, I have been amazed by the reaction, especially from the design community, the majority of them being critical of the new flat-design that replaces the older, more literal and texture-heavy design of iOS. Intrigued, I asked the question to my Twitter community. Here are some of the responses.

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10,000 iPhone Domino

Wow amazing Stuff,BTW how did they acquire 10,000 iPhones is another mystery


Android IT APPS that every IT Admin will Love

Courtesy of InfoWorld i found 12 Android apps that would be great for Any IT Administrators, who do Remote Management Support to Cloud based Monitoring and simple tech Support,It must be notes that i have not had a chance to review them,but the look great.For any IT Admins who have used them,feel free to drop a Comment Below.The Applications(apps) include Fing(sounds like Ping),Cura,PC monitor and many more.So click on the link Below and let me know how they turn out.




Great Deal on Tablet

I am Frugal by Nature,and always scouring for Great Deals.Here is a Great Deal i stumbled upon on Daily Steals website.CHECK IT OUT!!! Below ————>

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Advanced Googling is not Just for the GEEKS and NERD

GEEKS and Nerds i do apologize in advance but Technology information must be shared Freely.Next time impress your colleagues and Friends with advanced Gmail search Prowess